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The constantly changing landscape of healthcare makes improving processes especially important for healthcare organizations. Whether you subscribe to BPM, Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma or some informal combination of methodologies, SmartDraw makes it easy to document your processes and pinpoint inefficiencies. SmartDraw is designed to let you do more with less so you can make the best use of your existing resources. SmartDraw is easy to learn and has a proven track record at saving healthcare organizations money and time.

Healthcare improvement

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Process Documentation

See how to document your organization's processes easily with built-in templates and automation. See how you too can boost your organization's productivity by 25% and reduce training time by 80%. Learn more about using SmartDraw to document healthcare processes.

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Learn how to make your organization more efficient and reduce waste by analyzing and continuously improving your organization's processes. See what processes add value and drill down to identify processes where problems may be hidden. Learn more about using SmartDraw for Lean.

Process documentation

Replace Visio and Save as Much as 50%

For about half the cost of Visio® you can outfit your entire healthcare organization with a SmartDraw site license. SmartDraw is not only more affordable, but also easier to use and offers features not found in Visio®. See how to replace Visio® and save.

SmartDraw vs Visio

Case Studies

Texas Children's Hospital

See how SmartDraw helped Texas Children's Hospital improve patient care while reducing healthcare costs. Read more.

Texas Children's Hospital

These Companies Use SmartDraw to Improve Their Processes

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With SmartDraw, You Can Create

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