Add Diagrams to Google Docs, Google Sheets, and More

SmartDraw integrates seamlessly with your existing Google account from signing in to sharing and adding diagrams to your Google Docs and Sheets. You'll get all the power of SmartDraw's large selection of templates and powerful automation combined with the familiarity of making reports and documents in Google.

Sign in with Your Google Account

If you don't have a SmartDraw account yet, you can use your Google account to sign in. There's no need to create a new password and login credentials to remember, just use what you're comfortable with.

Sign in with your Google Account

Save Diagrams to Google Drive

SmartDraw lets you connect to your Google Drive so you can store and access diagrams on the cloud storage solution of your choice. You can simply share diagrams with your team or clients using your Google Drive. Learn more about how to integrate with Google Drive.

Add Google Drive

Get the Google Workspace Add-On

Get diagram templates and add diagrams to any document or sheet in Google Workspace using the SmartDraw Add-On. Make your reports and documentation pop with professional visuals and easy-to-understand diagrams.

Get the SmartDraw Add-On for Google Workspace

How to Install SmartDraw for Google Workspace

  1. Install the SmartDraw add-on from Google Workspace's marketplace.
  2. When prompted, agree to let your Google Workspace connect with SmartDraw's external service by clicking "Allow".
  3. You can also install the add-on from any open Google document or sheet, click on the "Add-Ons" menu and select "Get add-ons". Search for SmartDraw. Click the blue "Free" button to the right of the SmartDraw entry.
  4. After installation, you can launch SmartDraw under Add-Ons-> SmartDraw Diagrams-> Insert Diagram. Login with your normal SmartDraw account.
  5. Draw your diagram or choose an existing diagram stored in your account. Click "Insert Diagram" to add the visual to your document.
Install SmartDraw Add-On
SmartDraw Add-On installed

Updating Inserted Diagrams

If you need to update a diagram, launch the SmartDraw Add-On, update your document and reinsert it or if you've updated your diagram independently using SmartDraw, choose "Update All Diagrams" or "Update Selected Diagrams" under the SmartDraw Diagrams menu and the service will go find the latest the version of the inserted visuals.

Insert and update diagrams

With SmartDraw You Also Get

  • Templates and Symbols
    You'll get thousands of templates and symbols for every type of diagram from flowcharts to network diagrams. No other diagramming tool gives you as many templates and symbols as SmartDraw.
  • Powerful Automation
    SmartDraw does the drawing for you. Add or remove boxes from diagrams like flowcharts or org charts, and SmartDraw realigns and arranges all the elements so that everything continues to look great. You'll get built-in shortcuts and one-click controls to make drawing easy and intuitive.
  • Visio Import and Export
    SmartDraw allows you to open Visio® files even if you don't have Visio® installed on your system. You can even export any SmartDraw document as a Visio® file for easy collaboration with team members who haven't made the switch.
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