SmartDraw Adds New Contextual Help, Knowledge Base and Updated Support System

The newly released contextual help in SmartDraw is designed to provide you assistance where and when you need it—just click on the question mark icon in any dialog or SmartPanel. We also updated our knowledge base and help ticket system to make finding the answers you're looking for easier and faster. Click, browse, or submit a request and our in-house team of experts will help you draw and design anything.

SmartDraw's updated Help and Knowledge Base

Contextual Help

We pride ourselves on making SmartDraw intuitive and easy to use. However, if you do get stuck, help is always just a click away. Look for the blue question mark icon. Click it to get help relevant to the specific dialog or SmartPanel.

Contextual help

Updated Knowledge Base

We also updated our knowledge base to provide help on-demand any time of the day. Search or browse articles to answer any question about SmartDraw. Check out the updated knowledge base here.

If you do need to reach out, our in-house experts are still ready to help. Submit a request and we will get back to you in about 24 hours.

Knowledge Base
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