Visualize Your Microsoft Teams Structure

If you neeed a visual of how your teams and channels are organized in Microsoft Teams, SmartDraw can generate that for you automatically.

You can quickly get a detailed overview of every team your instance has and all the channels they've created. Whether you need to keep track of what you have for audits or if you just need to get a handle on what's been created, SmartDraw will make it easy to see your structure without any manual drawing.

Visualize Microsoft Teams Structure

Generate a Diagram from Microsoft Teams

To create a diagram of your Teams structure, start by launching the Microsoft Teams Chart from the Extensions category on the home screen of SmartDraw.

Microsoft Teams Chart Extension

Simply connect your Azure AD account and build your diagram.

Learn more on how to generate your visual here.
Microsoft Teams diagram

Visualize More Data from Microsoft

Get a Visual of Your Azure Architecture

Do you need a picture of your Azure set up so you can begin a new design and planning phase? Do you need to audit your architecture or include it in a report? While SmartDraw has all the Azure symbols you need to create a diagram by hand, you don't need to draw it manually. SmartDraw lets you import your Azure data and automatically generate a diagram of your Azure architecture.

Learn more about generating an Azure architecture diagram.

Import Azure data to generate Azure architecture diagrams

Generate an Org Chart using Azure AD

You can also build an organizational chart automatically by importing data from your Azure Active Directory account. Connect to your Azure AD, select the top level manager for your chart, and build your diagram automatically.

Learn more about building org charts from data.

Import Azure AD data to generate an org chart
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