Create Your Own Extension with the New JavaScript Editor

Extensions are apps in SmartDraw that generate a diagram automatically from a data source without any drawing. Built-in extensions let you create class diagrams, ER diagrams, organizational charts, and more.

With the latest edition of SmartDraw, you can create your own extension using a built-in editor and add it to SmartDraw's user interface for you or anyone else on your shared SmartDraw Site License.

JavaScript Extension

The new JavaScript editor is the best way to create your own extension and visualize data.

It lets you write an extension in JavaScript with built-in validation and functions that help you translate data into diagrams using the VisualScript SDK. You can even create a simple UI to let end users enter parameters. You can do this all in the browser inside SmartDraw without needing to host any part of it on your own server. The SDK is already loaded so you can reference all the classes and methods easily.

JavaScript Extension code

Creating a New JavaScript Extension

To create a new JavaScript Extension go to the Extensions category in the SmartDraw Template Dialog and click on the "Create an Extension" icon and choose the JavaScript Extension option from the dialog that pops up.

Read the entire JavaScript extension tutorial here.

The new JavaScript Extension lets you take your diagrams to the next level. You can easily create apps that generate diagrams without using any coordinates. Skip the drawing process and create visuals for your organization without tedious and complex code.

Create JavaScript Extension
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