Announcing the SmartDraw Development Platform

SmartDraw is taking diagramming and automation to the next level. We're announcing:

  • The SmartDraw Open API
  • SmartDraw Extensions
  • VisualScript for Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • The SmartDraw Developer Website
  • SmartDraw Developer Support

The SmartDraw Open API

The SmartDraw Open API allows you to add new functionality to SmartDraw. Learn about it here.

SmartDraw development platform

SmartDraw Extensions

The Open API allows you to write custom extensions that generate diagrams automatically from external data. We have used this powerful technology to add three built-in extensions to SmartDraw:

ERD extensions
ERD extensions
ERD extensions

The source code for these extension is open source and available as sample code for you to write your own extensions. Learn more about the new SmartDraw Extensions.

VisualScript for Jira and Confluence

VisualScript is a new application for the Atlassian ecosystem that uses the same technology as the SmartDraw Open API to generate custom visual reports from Jira and other data. Learn more about VisualScript.

VisualScript for the Atlassian stack

The SmartDraw Developer Website

We've added a new section to our site focused exclusively on developers. This section, www.smartdraw/developers, has full documentation and helpful articles for developers.

SmartDraw Developer Support

Contact a special support line created just for developers.

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