Announcing the SmartDraw Add-On for Atlassian Confluence Cloud

SmartDraw is now available as an add-on for Atlassian Confluence Cloud. You don't need a SmartDraw license to use the add-on, but if you are a SmartDraw user, this means you can now import any existing SmartDraw files you created by linking to your account. You can also create new diagrams right inside Confluence Cloud.

Get it here.

Here's how it works:

1. Have your Confluence Admin install the add-on into your instance of Confluence Cloud from the Marketplace.

Install SmartDraw add-on

2. This adds a "SmartDraw Diagram" item to the Insert menu in editing mode.

Insert SmartDraw diagram into Confluence

3. Using this command opens SmartDraw inside Confluence. Pick a diagram template to create a new diagram.

Select SmartDraw diagram

4. You can import any of your existing diagrams by linking your SmartDraw paid account using the "Link to SmartDraw Account" command in the template dialog.

You can also import any SmartDraw diagrams stored in third party file storage services like DropBox®, OneDrive®, and Google Drive.

5. You can also use the SmartDraw add-on to import Visio® files into Confluence.

Link SmartDraw Account to Confluence

6. Any new diagrams you create using the SmartDraw add-on are all stored inside your Confluence page as attachments not in your SmartDraw account. Anyone who has access to the page in Confluence can see or edit your diagram based on their Confluence permissions. You don't have to explicitly share diagrams separately with them using SmartDraw.

Save SmartDraw diagram into Confluence

7. Need to update your diagram? Simply edit the Confluence page, then double-click on the SmartDraw diagram. When you are done making changes, click Update Diagram to save a new version of the attachment.

Edit diagram

8. In View mode, clicking on a SmartDraw diagram opens it for viewing. Users can scroll, zoom, change pages and click on hyperlinks.

If you use Confluence Cloud, get the new SmartDraw add-on now. It's the only enterprise-grade diagramming solution for Confluence.

View SmartDraw diagram in Confluence
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