Automated ERD and Database Diagrams

The SmartDraw Automatic ERD (Database Diagram) Extension generates a visual representation of your database automatically. First, you'll want to export a CSV of your table definitions from your database server. SmartDraw will use this file to generate a visual of your database.

Preparing Your Data

First, you'll want to export your data from your database. We have some scripts you can use for the most common database types from SQL to Oracle. Click here to get the script specific to your database.

Build Your ERD (Database Diagram)

Once you have a CSV file from your database, you're ready to generate your database diagram or ERD. From within SmartDraw, choose the Automatic ERD (Database Diagram) from the Extensions category.

Click on the ERD Database Diagram Extension

In the modal, click "Browse" and find your table definition CSV file.

Next, you'll want to select the columns and types you want to visualize.

ERD options

When you're ready to create your diagram, click "Build Diagram". The database diagram generated is fully editable.

A completed database or ERD diagram
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