SmartDraw Integrations

SmartDraw works with the tools you use. You can create and insert diagrams into Google Docs, Microsoft Word®, and other applications. You can collaborate with your team where you already get work done from Confluence to Teams.

SmartDraw integrates with Microsoft products

Add flowcharts, org charts, and other diagrams to any report or presentation in Microsoft Office®. Save, open, and create diagrams directly from OneDrive® and use OneDrive® as the default storage provider for your entire license. Connect to Azure SSO and generate diagrams from Azure.

Learn more about how SmartDraw works hand in glove with all the Microsoft® enterprise tools.

SmartDraw integrates with Google products

Make diagrams in Google Docs or Google Sheets. Save, open, and create diagrams directly from Google Drive and use Google Drive as the default storage provider for your entire license.

Learn more about SmartDraw's Google Workspace integration.

MS Teams integration

SmartDraw's Microsoft Teams® integration lets you continue the conversation with visuals where you already collaborate with your team. You can easily add existing diagrams to your channels or create brand new diagrams everyone can work on.

Learn more about adding visuals in Microsoft Teams.

Add diagrams to Confluence

Install the free SmartDraw Connector for Confluence so your enterprise teams can contribute, collaborate and communicate better with powerful visuals— right inside Confluence.

Learn more about inserting diagrams into Confluence.

Jira Logo

Install the free SmartDraw Connector for Jira to help illustrate issues and workflows with powerful visuals including flowcharts, decision trees, cause and effect diagrams, and more.

Learn more about attaching diagrams in Jira.

Trello Logo

Install the SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello and add diagrams like workflows, process charts, concept maps, UML diagrams, and more to any Trello card. Plus, you can connect any SmartDraw project chart to a board in Trello and get updates about task status and due dates in real-time.

Learn more about connecting project charts to Trello.

SmartDraw integrates with Dropbox

Connect to your Dropbox® account quickly and easily. Just one of the many ways SmartDraw makes it easy to share your diagrams with your team.

Learn more about saving to Dropbox.

SmartDraw integrates with Box

Connect SmartDraw to your Box® account and save, open, and share documents quickly and easily.

Learn more about saving to Box.

Generate an AWS diagram automatically

Connect to your AWS account quickly and easily and generate a visual of your current AWS architecture automatically.

Learn more about connecting to AWS.

Generate an Azure diagram automatically

SmartDraw lets you import your Azure data and automatically generate a diagram of your Azure architecture.

Learn more about connecting to Azure.

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