Add a Gauge to Any Workspace

SmartDraw's gauge data visualizer allows you to add a gauge to your workspace. It's a great way to enhance an infographic, add relevant information during brainstorming on a digital whiteboard, and more.

Watch the video to see how you can use the gauge visualizer.

Open the Gauge Visualizer

Click the + icon to switch the SmartPanel into the Insert Content view.

Once on the Insert Content view, select the Add Data Visualizer section and click on Gauge.

Launch gauge visualizer

Select The Gauge Type

Choose the type of gauge you want to insert. You can always change your mind later and easily reformat to a different type.

Choose the type of gauge

Once a gauge is inserted, you can edit the value on your gauge a few ways. The easiest is to simply double-click the inserted gauge. This will open a dialog where you can update the current value, change the max or min value, even update the type of gauge displayed. Learn all the settings you can edit on a gauge by reading this help article.

Alternatively, you can choose Edit Gauge from the Gauge menu on the SmartPanel Insert Content view.

You can also switch to the Data view using the database icon in the Left bar, and click on Data and edit the values there.

Edit gauge
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