Create Sticky Notes from Data

SmartDraw can help jumpstart any brainstorming session by importing data to make sticky notes.

Open the Sticky Notes Visualizer

Click the + icon to switch the SmartPanel into the Insert Content view.

Once on the Insert Content view, select the Add Data Visualizer section and click on Sticky Notes.

Launch sticky notes visualizer

Prepare Your Data

SmartDraw will generate a sticky note for each cell in a CSV file. SmartDraw will place the notes in the position of the entries in the rows and columns you create them in. If you have two rows and three columns of data, you'll get two rows and three columns of sticky notes.

Sticky notes data

Import Your Data

Once you launch the visualizer, you can drag and drop your CSV file to the modal or browse to find the file on your computer.

Click Import to generate a board with your sticky notes.

Once imported, you can easily add more notes or modify the imported ones. Change text or color.

Import data for sticky notes
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