Enterprise License Guide

As an administrator of an Enterprise License, you can control who can access your license, set up SSO, choose a default storage provider or restrict access, place users in groups, create and manage shared folders, consolidate multiple accounts, manage document retention, and more.

This guide will walk you through all the features of an Enterprise Site License and how you can manage your license. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to our customer success team by submitting a request.

Set Up License Admin(s)

You can designate additional license administrators easily if needed.

Single Sign-On

You can provision thousands of users using SSO and assign access based on existing corporate permissions and groups. Your users can quickly and securely authenticate through your IDP.

User Management Without SSO

Even if you don't use SSO, SmartDraw offers sophisticated user management. You can easily add and remove users, designate an administrator, consolidate accounts and transfer documents.

Document Storage Preferences

As an administrator, you can enable specific integrations for your entire team. This saves you time and simplifies the approval process, so you don't have to worry about individual users waiting for approval when they need to use a feature.

Manage User Group Permissions

Enabling groups for your license allows you to place users into groups and have control over the permissions any group has inside the application.

Sharing Options

SmartDraw users can share any document with others either by emailing a link or embedding the document on a website. The admin on a license can restrict this if desired.

To share documents and templates just among your team, you can connect to third party storage and automatically inherit your set up there or you can set up common folders on your license using SmartDraw.

Document Retention

Users can't edit their own email addresses to prevent them from hijacking a license or documents belonging to the company. When a user leaves, you can edit the user's email address and change it to an email address you control.

You can also transfer documents from one user to another at any time.

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