How to Make a Sales Territory Map

Sales territory maps are an essential element of any regional, national or global sales force. With its comprehensive library of US and world maps, unique customization tools and great looking templates, SmartDraw will be a welcome addition to your sales team, wherever they operate.

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Open a Map Template

To create a sales territory map, go to the Maps & Geography category under the New Document section of the dashboard. The blank sales territory map will open a regional map of the US that is already broken up into states you can colorize to represent different regions. You can also search for maps of other geographic areas.

Sales Territory Map Regions

Customize Colors

You can customize the map by changing the color of any of the states by selecting a state or group of states and choosing a color from Fill colors on the Home tab.

Color regions

Find Different Geographic Regions

If you need to create a sales territory map of another continent or country, you can delete the map of the US and drag and drop one of the International Sales Territory maps from the left of your workspace.

Add a new map

Add Markers and Map Symbols

You can further customize the map with markers and other symbols from the SmartPanel, docked to the left of the drawing area. There are lots of map-specific symbols available, just select them and drag them to where you want them to go.

Add markers and pins

Share Your Map

To insert your map into a report or presentation, use the Export for Office option under Export. You can also insert your sales territory map into any Google Workspace app like Google Docs and Google Sheets using the SmartDraw app for Google Workspace. It's that easy!

Export and share your sales territory map
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