Visio® Converter & Import Filter

SmartDraw is the Easy Alternative for Visio®

Convert Visio® Files without Visio®

Importing Visio® files in SmartDraw is easy. Click the Visio File option under the Import section of the SmartDraw dashboard.

SmartDraw will import a single Visio® file or let you convert an entire batch of files. You can also choose a folder or create a new folder for your imported file.

SmartDraw currently imports VSD and VSDX files.

And you don't need to have a copy of Visio—SmartDraw will complete the conversion for you.

Even the most complex shapes and diagrams will import reliably as fully editable SmartDraw diagrams and shapes.

You'll be able to ungroup, change fill color, resize shapes and continue improving your Visio® diagrams using SmartDraw.

Import Visio files
Converted Visio file

SmartDraw is More Than Just a Visio® Viewer

SmartDraw's Visio® import filter replicates the appearance of the drawing you created, but it will be saved in SmartDraw (.sdr) file format. Your converted Visio® drawing will be fully usable and editable in SmartDraw.

Effortless Collaboration

Share your diagram with your team easily. Leave notes and add hyperlinks. You can even use any of your favorite file sharing apps like Dropbox®, Google Drive, Box® or OneDrive®.

Org Chart Collaboration
Import Visio stencils

Import Visio® Stencils

SmartDraw can also import Visio stencils as SmartDraw symbol libraries. Each shape can be used as part of a SmartDraw diagram like any other SmartDraw symbol.

You can import your Visio stencils by first clicking on the More button in the Symbols section of the SmartPanel to the left of your workspace.Then click on Add New in the dialog and select Import Visio Stencils.

Export Visio® Files Too

You can also export any diagram in SmartDraw as a Visio® file. In the "Home" tab, click on "Export" and choose either "VSD (Visio 2010 or Earlier)" or "VSDX (Visio 2013 or Later)". You can now continue to collaborate with anyone in your organization who hasn't made the switch. Learn more about SmartDraw's Visio export.

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