SmartDraw Wins Big in G2's Fall Awards

Every quarter, reviews and awards on G2 reflect SmartDraw's commitment to user-friendly collaboration and diagramming. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, SmartDraw makes things easy to implement, easy to admin, easy to setup, and more.

In the spirit of delivering exceptional value to our customers, we just released a major update that adds lots of usability improvements to how you can collaborate and diagram. Learn what's new in the updated SmartDraw.

This quarter SmartDraw earned the following awards:

  • Leader in Diagramming, Org Chart, and Sketching
  • Fastest Implementation
  • Most Implementable
  • Easiest Setup
  • Best Relationship
  • Best Support
  • Easiest to Do Business With
  • Easiest to Use
  • Easiest to Admin
  • Best Estimated ROI
  • Best at Meeting Requirements
  • High Performer in Diagramming, Visual Collaboration, CAD, and more
G2 Fall 2023 Awards

Read What Others are Saying

"SmartDraw is easy to use and offers tools for creating everythign from org charts to workflow models to strategic plans. It is affordable and provides a lot of bang for a little buck. It's makes the job even easioer by integrating with our Microsoft Office, OneDrive and Adobe suites."

Jarrod R, Director of Communications

"I was looking for an affordable solution that would allow us to do org charts, office drawings, network documentation and more. Smartdraw was a clear winner. The enterprise edition - and deploying across the the organization universally - lets us share visual data in an easy manner. It's compatibility with other products that have been used for drawing give us the flexibility we need when receiving data from outside agencies."

CIO for a midwest governmental entity

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