Add Diagrams to Googles Slides with New Integration

SmartDraw now fully integrates with Google Slides in addition to other Google Workspace apps like Google Docs and Sheets. You can easily insert any existing diagrams into a slide or create a new SmartDraw visual directly from Google Slides.

Install the SmartDraw App for Google Workspace

If you haven't already installed the add-on for Google Workspace, you can do so from the plus menu in the Google Slides sidebar or the marketplace.

  • Install the SmartDraw add-on from Google Workspace's marketplace.
  • When prompted, agree to let your Google Workspace connect with SmartDraw's external service by clicking Allow.
  • You can also install the add-on from any open Google document or sheet. Click on the Plus icon in the Add-On Sidebar and search for SmartDraw.
Get the SmartDraw Add-On for Google Workspace

Insert an Existing SmartDraw Diagram into Google Slides

Once installed, you can launch SmartDraw from the sidebar any time you want to create a new visual or insert an existing diagram.

The SmartDraw app, lets you do four things:

  1. Insert a new diagram
  2. Update selected diagrams
  3. Update all diagrams
  4. Switch Lucidchart diagrams in your presentation to their equivalent SmartDraw diagrams
SmartDraw add-on options

Click the blue Insert Diagram button in the SmartDraw add-on panel to bring up a modal with the SmartDraw app.

Browse or search for the document you want to insert among your files.

Open the document and make any edits you want. Click the Insert Diagram button in the lower left to insert it into your slide.

Insert a diagram

Once your diagram is in Google Slides, you can position it however you want in your presentation.

If you need to update it, first update the diagram in SmartDraw. Next, select the diagram in Google Slides, click the SmartDraw add-on button in the sidebar, and choose Update Selected Diagrams.

A SmartDraw diagram in Google Slides

Create and Insert a New SmartDraw Diagram into Google Slides

You can also create a new SmartDraw document directly from Google Slides.

  1. Click the SmartDraw add-on button in the sidebar to bring up the SmartDraw add-on panel.
  2. Choose Insert Diagrams.
  3. In the SmartDraw modal, click on New Document on the dashboard.
  4. Choose any of SmartDraw's templates from flowcharts to brainstorming visuals.
  5. Once your diagram is complete, click the Insert Diagram button in the lower right to add your new diagram to Google Slides.
Create new SmartDraw files from OneDrive
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