Guides Make Aligning and Arranging Shapes Even Easier

The world's easiest diagramming app just got even easier to use. SmartDraw's guides make it even easier to align and arrange the shapes in any diagram, whether you're making a flowchart or a floor plan.

Easily align with guides

Using Guides to Position Symbols for Software Diagrams, Flowcharts, and More

Guides make it easy to align shapes in your work area. Move any shape and you'll see a blue guideline appear when the edge aligns with the edge of another shape on the page. The guide will show the alignment and the distance between the shapes. You can use this to help space symbols in your diagram.

Using guides to position symbols for diagrams

Using Guides to Help Draw Floor Plans

Guides help you place items on your floor plan more precisely. As you drag a symbol to your floor plan, you'll see exactly where your object will be in relation to the walls and other objects in your plan. The blue guidelines will show the distance to the nearest wall or nearest object to help you position it.

Using guides to build floor plans
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