Floor Planning Made Easier, Faster, and More Precise

Based on your feedback, we greatly re-engineered our floor plan tools to make floor planning even easier, faster, and more precise.

You'll now be able to define more accurate and smaller measurements like fractions of an inch and up to 6 decimal places for metric scales.

Your floor plans will be easier to create using new right-click menu options and other workflow improvements including the ability to add background images and to rotate your entire design.

More Precision

To give you more control and allow you to have just the right amount of detail for any design, SmartDraw now lets you specify the level of precision in your floor plan.

For architectural scales, the default level of precision is 1/16 of an inch, but you can get as detailed as 1/64 of an inch. For metric scales, you can specify the number of decimal points you want. The default is set to two decimal places, but you can specify up to 6 decimal places if you need to.

This setting will let you be more precise with the length of wall segments and dimensions of scaled objects in your plan. It will also allow more precision when using coordinates to place objects. Learn more about setting precision for your floor plan.

Precision Drawing Scale

New Right-Click Options

To help improve your design workflow, we added more right-click options to let you change settings on the fly. For example, you can now:

More Right-Click Options

Rotate Your Entire Plan

To make sure you can create the exact design you envisioned, you can now rotate your entire floor plan using a round rotation handle on the right hand side of your floor plan outline. Click and hold the rotation handle and move your mouse around in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Learn more about rotating your floor plan.

Rotate Entire Floor Plan

Add a Background Image

You can import any image to its own background layer. This may be a previous plan from a contractor that you want to use as a reference or perhaps an image of your site plan from Google maps. The background image will live in its own layer that cannot have other shapes added to it. Learn more about importing a background image.

Add Background Image to Floor Plan
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