SmartDraw Runs on Powerful Cloud Architecture

SmartDraw runs on Microsoft Azure architecture to provide unmatched uptime and stability.

Microsoft Azure provides enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with 60+ regions, more than any other cloud provider. The carbon efficient data centers include physical elements like redundant power, networking, and cooling, as well as software elements like safe deployment processes, impact-less maintenance, and failure prediction enabled by machine learning.

SmartDraw is run from the Central US Azure Region which includes multiple data centers (Zones). Our highly available services are deployed across multiple Zones in the Region which means that even in the unlikely event of an entire data center going offline, our services will stay up on the secondary data center in the adjacent regional Zone.

In the event of a Regional Disaster, SmartDraw has the entire production infrastructure replicated to the South Central Region over a thousand miles to the South. All the data is being synced in real-time and can be brought up in the fail-over region in case of a major disaster recovery situation.

We take the protection of your data seriously and invest in additional services in order to have highly available systems up and running when you need them.

With SmartDraw, you can be confident our service has the uptime your team requires and will keep your data safe.

Cloud Architecture

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