Process Documentation

SmartDraw software has become the process documentation solution of choice for many organizations around the globe. Why?

Because SmartDraw has created a revolutionary new approach to process documentation that is:

  • Easy to use, fast, and cost-effective
  • A complete solution that everyone in the organization uses because it is easily accessible via the web or mobile devices
  • Effective, because it's a living, electronic document that is easy to keep up to date
SmartDraw Process Documentation Video

Companies that use SmartDraw for process documentation report real and measureable ROI

  • 25% increase in companywide productivity
  • Up to 80% reduction in training time
  • Consistent and predictable quality
  • Visibility into exactly how things are done-critical for effective management
Process Linking

Learn More About Process Documentation

Process Documentation is Easier with SmartDraw

Use a Pre-Designed Template

SmartDraw is designed specifically for process management and documentation. All of the templates and symbols you need are included.

Pre-Designed Template

Smart Formatting Saves Time and Effort

SmartDraw gives you simple commands (or keyboard shortcuts) to add shapes, automatically placing them and adding connecting lines. To add text, just click and type. It's so fast, there's no need to take notes and fill in a form later—with SmartDraw you can do it in a single step.

SmartDraw Automation

Create a Process Documentation Project

Creating a collection of flowcharts is easy. Start with a flowchart located under the Process Documentation section of the Template Browser. To create a linked process, click on the button that says "Create Sub-Process". This will automatically add a new page to your document and link to it from the previous flowchart. All you have to do is add your information.

Create a Process Documentation Project

Process Documentation on the Web

If you want to share your documentation with your team, you can save your document to your account. Every interlinked flowchart will upload in a single operation. This allows you and anyone you share it with to view the entire collection from a web browser or mobile device, even without a SmartDraw installation.

Process Documentation Online
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