SmartDraw Helps Manufacturing Companies Save Money and Operate More Efficiently

If it was easy, what company wouldn't want to run more efficiently with less waste? The reasons many companies put off investing in documenting their processes is because they believe doing so will take more time and resources than it's worth. That is not the case with SmartDraw. SmartDraw lets you apply Lean principles quickly and easily with intuitive automation tools and templates. You'll be able to document your manufacturing processes and pinpoint inefficiencies without any of the usual hassles. No more excuses not to become a better company.

Manufacturing process

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Process Documentation

See how easy SmartDraw makes documenting processes with built-in templates and automation. You could quickly boost your company's productivity by 25% and reduce training time by 80%. Learn more about using SmartDraw to document manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing process documentation


See how you can use SmartDraw to make your manufacturing firm run more efficiently by analyzing and improving your processes. SmartDraw has built-in templates to help map processes and create value streams to help you grow and do more with less. Learn more about using SmartDraw for Lean manufacturing.

Lean manufacturing

Replace Visio and Save as Much as 50%

For about half the cost of Visio® you can outfit your entire healthcare organization with a SmartDraw site license. SmartDraw is not only more affordable, but also easier to use and offers features not found in Visio®. See how to replace Visio® and save.

SmartDraw vs Visio

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With SmartDraw, You Can Create

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